Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sewing Plans A/W 2014

Hubby and I returned from a 10-day trip a week ago today. We went to Lake Junaluska in NC for Music & Worship Arts Week, and to Knoxville, TN to visit family. 

If anyone tells you that visiting family = vacation, you should run far, far away from them. 

Chris and I are both only children of divorced parents, and none of the sets of parents get along, so we practically drove the entire time to see everyone. We've concluded that our vacation time in the future, which is few and far between, will be spent on taking an actual vacation.  

Moving on.

I think it's always helpful to have a sewing plan, or at least have a list in mind of future garments. I think I left my sewing mojo in NC because I haven't had much interest in sewing since we returned home a week ago. I'm hoping it will find me soon.

1. By Hand London Anna

If you haven't heard the wonderful news, Anna is now available as a PDF download.

Photo courtesy of By Hand London
Thank the heavens above because $25 for a pattern is just out of my budget. I know, I know - I love to support indie designers like the rest of you but my goodness. The PDF is right around $15 and some change and is only 24 pages which took maybe 45 minutes to tape together. My muslin looks great and I'm ready to move forward. I have this lovely white lawn with aqua stripe from Denver Fabrics that I think will make a nice Anna with a gathered skirt, probably from Emery.

(fabric photo)

2. Alder Shirt Dress
I don't yet have this pattern, but I LOVE Jen's new Alder Shirtdress. 

Photo Courtesy of Grainline Studio
Photo courtesy of Grainline Studio
I think this will be a fabulous transitional pattern seeing as how our fall and winter is really mild. AND I may already have some fabric in the stash for this.

3. Tailored Jacket

Yes, I still need to finish my tailored jacket. A project like this takes so much patience and concentration. Slowly but surely I'm getting there. 

4. Finish UFOs

My Sewaholic Gabriola needs a hem. I'm not sure how I feel about this skirt, and it only goes to prove further that Sewaholic patterns are not for my shape. The skirt makes me look like a column rather than a nice hourglass which I prefer.
Oh well, I'll still hem it and attempt to wear it. 

5. Stashbust

I've had this floral fabric at least a year and I really love it. I'm considering making another Zinnia with a white muslin underlining which I can then wear with a kelly green Nettie. Either that, or make a dress. Ugh. Can't decide. 

6. Royal Blue Coco

I really like the Coco pattern, but I'm afraid my kelly green version with the 1/2 sleeves and collar isn't flattering. I think this royal blue ponte from Girl Charlee will have 7/8 sleeves, or roughly the length of the Nettie 3/4 sleeves which is an attractive length for me.
7. Colette Moneta
I really, really, really love this dress. BUT my last version ended in disaster as I was attached the gather skirt to the bodice with the elastic on top. Suffice it to say that I had to cut the bodice shorter and rip out all of the serging on the skirt. I'm not sure it's salvagable, and it's gotten me scared to try-try again. I think I will lengthen the sleeve to more of a true 3/4 length rather than 1/2. I think a slightly longer sleeve will be a bit more flattering.

What else? I would love some more Netties, even though I currently have 6, what's a handful more?! I just love the pattern. Each one takes 30 minutes on the serger. Awesome.

I have some linen that I need to sew up as well. And my ever stagnant stash of wool, which I have little to no use for given the hot climate in which I live.

 What are your upcoming sewing plans? Are you a planner or more of a fly-by-the-seat type of seamstress?


  1. Thank you for sharing your plans. I try and plan, but I end up doing other stuff too. I get SO distracted by fabric, pattern releases, sewing blogs.., it is a wonder I get any sewing done! I would love to try a Nettie. I have just made a muslin bodice of a fit and flare pattern and I am pretty excited by how that turned out. I have the Merchant and Mills factory dress almost ready to go - but I am hesitating. I would like to make an Out and About dress too! …(and a vest, jacket, more pants…..) So, up next? Fit and flare in African cotton!

    1. Oooh sounds exciting! I too get distracted by all the new patterns and all the fabric options. This year I made several large fabric purchases (knits, linens, cottons) and I haven't purchased anything since then so I can force myself to sew through my stash. It's helped I think - I'm just not ready to let go of some of my most loved fabrics!