Tuesday, September 16, 2014

OWOP 2014

I decided it might be fun to participate in One Week, One Pattern this year since I have plenty of patterns of which I've made multiple renditions. I've blogged most of these so I won't go into great detail but here is a review of my week:

Day 1: green bamboo stripe knit Nettie + Miette skirt in chambray

Day 2: Red rayon/lycra knit Nettie + linen/rayon Hollyburn skirt.

Day 3: kelly green cotton/lycra Nettie + linen Chardon skirt

Day 4: navy cotton/lycra Nettie + pink shorts from Target

Day 5: I had a funeral to attend on Wednesday so I wore my new Anna dress instead. Oops!

Day 6: Paris green cotton/lycra Nettie + cotton Tania culottes

Day 7: teal cotton/lycra Nettie + corduroy Anemone skirt

Obviously I chose the Nettie bodysuit as my OWOP pattern, which I love. I had plenty of skirts to choose from and frankly I'm shocked that I didn't pair any of these with a Zinnia skirt, seeing as how I have 6 of those.

I have to admit, though, I got pretty tired of this look by Friday. I was dying to just toss on a dress and not have to think about forming an outfit.

On a positive note, the red knit, blue linen and brown corduroy are all JoAnn fabric purchases. I usually don't take enough time to really look through their fabric, but I was pleasantly surprised. 

Did you participate in OWOP2014? How was your experience?


  1. I didn't participate in OWAP. That silhouette looks great on you. I shop at Fabricland. I think it is the Canadian version of JoAnn's. I have seen fabric on the MarcyTilton online fabric store at Fabricland!

    1. Do you have decent luck with their fabric? I'm a bit nervous about washing these new ones, but I'm not sure that's founded.

  2. I love all of these looks. I want to see the a full body shot of the linen Chardon skirt. It looks really cute. Also, I'm going to need a Miette skirt in chambray right away. ;-)

  3. Love all the variations, especially the way you are wearing the blue one with the Anemone skirt.

    1. Thank you Kate! I love the Nettie pattern so much!