Monday, December 23, 2013

FINISHED: Deer&Doe Chardon Skirt

For those of us with a bit of tummy, it's extremely hard to find skirts that are flattering. In the past year I've made the Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt as well as Tilly's Miette skirt. There's just something about both of these styles that does NOT work for my shape, and I think it has to do with the fact that the fabric is flat immediately off the waistband. The Chardon, though, is extremely flattering! The pleats lie flat just long enough to smooth out a bit of a belly ponch and then open and flare out - super cute!

I've had this purple/grey/black plaid wool in my stash for over a year. I read this post from Sunni's blog and it really impacted how I think about my favorite fabrics. They sit and sit waiting for the *perfect* project. I hated the thought of never enjoying my most prized fabrics that I decided this fall to go ahead and start sewing them. 

This is the Chardon skirt from Deer&Doe, a lovely French pattern company. I omitted the bottom band, overlocked the bottom and turned under 1/2" for the hem. The length is around 18 1/2" from the waist. I have to admit this fabric is a tad thick for this pattern, and I probably should have used a thinner fabric for the waist facing. Oh well. 

I am so pleased with my plaid matching - which by the way isn't that difficult. There are so many things that I think scare sewists (plaid matching, bound buttonholes, linings, etc) but once you actually do them you realize they're no big deal. 

I made the largest size and added 1/8" to each side seam to equal my 34" waist. I really like the length and it looks super cute with tights and flats - I promise to get photos with it on!

Speaking of Sunni, you totally need to take her free mini-class on Craftsy. I watched this over the summer and my zippers have improved 300%. I especially like how she reinforces the seam allowances before inserting the zipper. They look so clean and professional now. 

A Few Stats:
Pattern: Deer&Doe Chardon
Fabric: 1.5 yds of 60" wool plaid
Time: under 2 hours
Adjustments: added 1/8" to each seam allowance; left off bottom contrast band; overlocked and turned for hem; slot seam zipper.

Overall, this is a perfect pattern for a beginner. It takes very little fabric, very little time to fit (simply measure and go), and is sewn up quickly. There area also options for variation and colorblocking. I bought my copy from Grey's Fabric in Boston, MA. I simply emailed Sarah and paid over the phone. I'm not sure it was cheaper, but I got them faster. 


  1. This skirt is absolutely gorgeous. You did an awesome job. Everything matches. It looks so professional. I also have a 34 inch waist, followed by a 43 inch bootie. I am so glad you commented that this might work for my type of waist. My next project was supposed to be a skirt. I have everything ready to go. Now I am not so sure. I think this might be made instead. I just hope I can do as awesome a job as you did!

    1. Thanks, Kathy! It really is flattering. I like Zinnia from Colette too - same idea with the pleats. An a- line hem helps too. Emery by Christine Haynes has a bit of an a- line and it really makes those gathers flattering! Thanks for reading!

  2. I think I better look at the free Craftsy Zipper Class again as well. I just finished a craft project with a 22 inch zipper. I thought I knew how to insert it. I didn't. I ripped it out three times. You zipper is PERFECT.