Saturday, December 7, 2013

FINISHED: Megan Nielsen Tania Culottes

I never wore culottes as a child, at least that I can remember, and frankly I worried that these weren't exactly "adult" enough. The peer pressure finally got to me after seeing so many wonderful makes of this pattern so I finally broke down and bought the PDF pattern from Megan's website. Compared to the printed version, $12 is really a steal considering there aren't too many pages to paste together. 

It took maybe 30 minutes to assemble the pattern and only two hours of so from cutting to hem to complete these. I used a plaid wool flannel from Denver Fabrics, a 7" regular zip due to the weight of the fabric, and Gutermann thread. Every blog I've read about these recommends that you let them hang overnight so I did. I didn't really notice any stretch on the curves and hemmed them with Megan's method of folding under twice. My one goof, though, is that I used grey thread for the construction and then forgot when I went to hem them, so the hem is black. Oh well. 

Of course none of that matters because look at that plaid matching! I'll openly admit that the other side doesn't look so great, but I'm still quite pleased with this side! I'll also admit that I was trying to finish these in time for our Thanksgiving trip to Knoxville, TN - which is why my waistband top stitching looks like crap. I'm convinced that sewing is 75% focus, 25% skill. 

I had a heck of a time keeping the front and back of the main pieces as well as the waistband straight. I'm going to blame my plaid fabric and NOT the fact that I was rushing to finish these. So, to remind myself, I included a little purple thread tack so I know which side is the back. All seams inside are serged. 

Overall, I really like this pattern. I made the straight size XL and these fit perfectly. I did go back after I made these and added 1 1/2" to the length. I have to say that these are really short. I didn't seem to mind since they are really shorts and I have no chance of indecently sharing myself with others, but still. The added length, I think, will help.

I promise to add some photos with these on. Just need to convince my hubby to take photos for me!

Have you made Tania before? What did you think?

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