Wednesday, May 14, 2014

FINISHED: Megan Nielsen Tania Culottes

Every time I mention the word culottes my husband gets this look on his face and asks why I wouldn't just wear a skirt or shorts. I've composed a brief response to his inquiry:
  • Culottes provide the coverage and security that a short circle skirt cannot.
  • Culottes are more dressy than your average shorts. 
  • Culottes is a fun word to say.
  • I like culottes.
I personally think this argument makes perfect sense.

Last month I made a large purchase from Denver Fabrics, vowing that this would be my fabric purchase for the year and that I would sew through it quickly. I purchased a ton of cotton and have all of them earmarked for summer dresses. Since we live in coastal Georgia it made sense since "summer" is 8 months of the year. I also bought some linen but that's another story. 

I loved this black and cream geometric cotton - it's a true lightweight rather than a sheer. I realized, though, that I might not want it so close to my face for fear of making my friends sea-sick, so Tania culottes it became!

My last pair seemed a bit short for daily consumption so I added 1.5" of length following Megan's instructions on how to do so. For the record, you extend the seamlines - you DO NOT slash and lengthen. Easy. These are around 20" from my waist now which I like a lot. The fabric weight gives these a nice amount of body - they neither fall limp nor can they stand on their own. 

I zig-zagged the waistband facing and then stitched in the ditch without folding the ends under. The waistband on my last pair was a bit thick.

(Insert facing pic)
I let these hang overnight but didn't notice much bias growth. I went back and forth on whether to narrow hem or just serge and stitch and ended up narrow hemming. I'd love to learn how to use my narrow hem foot. :-/

I really like these, which is the real reason I'll continue making them, and that's just fine by me.

Pattern: Megan Nielsen Tania
Size: XL
Fabric: 60" geometric cotton lawn from Denver Fabrics, 2 yards
Needle: Shmetz 70/10 Sharp
Thread: Gutermann Mara 100 in black
Changes: Added 1.5" to length, interfaced both waistband pieces, regular zipper
Notions: lightweight fusible interfacing, thread, black zipper


  1. The culottes look great! love the fabric.....I probably would not have ever chosen that for culottes but you it works beautiful. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you! I didn't realize how crazy the print was until I opened the package, but I think it works really well for culottes! Thanks for commenting!